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Service Policy
Service Concept Commitment After Service
  • Warm, sincere, timely and efficient, caring
  • Solve the worries of users, establish the company's brand image, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.
  • 1. Conscientiously implement the national "product quality law", "consumer rights and interests protection law", "part of the commodity repair, replacement, return responsibility provisions", product service implementation of the national new three guarantees.
  • 2. The headquarters of the company set up technical service, after-sales consultation telephone (0757-22907319), and the national consultation telephone (400-680-7888), at any time to accept customer consultation, supervision and complaints.
  • 3. Conduct regular customer satisfaction survey and collect customers' opinions.Constructive suggestions in the future service or product improvement, upgrade to implement.
  • 4. service outlets in the city and suburbs within 24 hours door-to-door installation service, 24 hours door-to-door maintenance service, outer suburbs within 48 hours door-to-door maintenance service(There is no free door-to-door service for small home appliances).

1. The whole machine shall be repaired for one year, the inner liner of the electric water heater shall be repaired for five years, and the motor of the range hood shall be guaranteed for life

  • product quality problems in the warranty period will be free maintenance.Exceptions shall be made for improper use or man-made damage.
  • electric water heater magnesium rod, water heater exhaust pipe, smoke machine smoke pipe, lamp, LED lamp and other consumables are fragile, not within the scope of repair (the company gives the agent five thousandths of the total sales of accessories cost).

2. Free maintenance will be implemented for quality problems during the warranty period.During the warranty period, non-quality problems (such as transportation, installation, improper use, etc.) and all problems arising outside the warranty period shall be paid for maintenance (transportation and incidental expenses, maintenance expenses).

The following conditions are not covered by the product warranty:

  • Damage caused by improper installation, modification, maintenance or storage by consumers themselves;
  • Damage caused by irresistible natural disasters;
  • is the product damage caused in the process of transportation;
  • Products modified by the Distributor;
  • Products beyond the warranty period;

In principle, all installation and after-sales maintenance shall be carried out locally by local dealers or special service outlets;Local maintenance can not be reported to the company's after-sales department can be returned to the company for maintenance.

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Water Purifier

Installation requirements

1. Power supply reservation

  • Before installing a household water purifier, a power supply must be reserved next to the mainframe.The newly decorated house had better reserve the water purifier power line in advance at the beginning.To avoid the trouble of installing a household water purifier in the future.

2. Space reservation

  • Leave some space before installing the water purifier.

3. Environmental requirements

  • Do not install the household water purifier in direct sunlight;The ambient temperature of the product is 5~45 degrees Celsius;Winter should pay attention to anti-freezing;The product does not filter hot water and is not installed behind the water heater.

4. Sealing performance

  • It is a step that we must pay attention to to pay attention to and test the sealing performance of each connecting part of water purifier waterway.It is recommended that you do not leave immediately after the installation of the home water purifier. The first test machine is about 30 minutes, and it is sure that each function is normal and the seal is good before leaving, so as to avoid the leakage caused by the bad seal.

Installation matters needing attention

  • 1. In the fixed position of the hole, fixed.No cracks, notches or rough edges around the hole.
  • 2. Connect the tap water pipe.First close the master valve before connecting.The interface should be sealed.
  • 3. Connect sewage outfall.If the sewage pipe is directly placed into the sewage pipe, a ball valve should be installed at the end of the sewage pipe to open the sewage from time to time;Can also be connected with the original tap water, can not leak.
  • 4. Connect the outlet to the faucet.The flow is greater than 1000 litres, 4 branches and universal faucet can be selected;Flow less than 1000 litres, can be 4 to 2 connector and outlet connection or 2 minutes white PE pipe and 2 minutes water faucet connection.
  • 5. Install the faucet.The faucet is installed on the sink, the sink can be used to open the hole, the faucet is fixed on the wall, the faucet can be used to hang the piece to its wall.Tighten the fixed part.
  • 6. Open the total water inlet ball valve, debugging, observe whether the water leakage for at least 2 hours, or put a dry towel, check whether water seepage.
  • After installing the water purifier, you can connect the power supply. After connecting the power supply, check whether the airtight performance of each connection point is intact.It is recommended that after the installation of water purifier, the water purifier should be run for about 20 minutes, and then the water quality of the produced water should be tested once, to see if it can reach the nominal index of the water purifier, so that you can have a good idea.
Gas Water Heater

Safe installation environment reminder

1. Installation environment requirements

  • 1) Installation location should have sufficient displacement of the floor drain to avoid damage to your property.
  • 2) Please do not install gas water heater in bedroom, basement, bathroom (balancing machine is not subject to this limit), flammable and explosive goods storage, electrical equipment room and other places.
  • 3) Gas water heaters must be equipped with independent sockets in accordance with national standards, and the power sockets must be reliably grounded.
  • 4) In winter, the ambient temperature is less than 0℃, please pay attention to the operation in accordance with the instructions and the fuselage anti-freeze stickers.

2. Smoke pipe requirements

  • 1) Smoke pipes must be stainless steel pipes.
  • 2) Gas water heaters must be equipped with exhaust pipes (except outdoor units) that extend out of the room and incline down 3°-5°.
  • 3) The total length of the exhaust pipe shall be less than 3 meters, and the number of elbows shall be less than 3. The maximum allowable length of the coaxial pipe shall be 3 meters.

Notes for daily safe use and cleaning maintenance

  • 1. anti-freezing (see winter safety tips);
  • 2. In summer, please reasonably adjust the bath temperature to prevent excessive water temperature from causing harm to the body;
  • 3. In order to ensure that you can safely use the gas water heater, we suggest that the gas pipeline should be checked once every 6 months.
  • 4. When the gas water heater in the home appears leakage, water leakage, the flame is not extinguish after the water is stopped, the combustion condition is poor and other phenomena, please stop using, call our after-sales phone in time, please do not disassemble and repair by yourself;
  • 5. regularly ask the relevant professionals to maintain the gas water heater, to ensure the normal operation of the gas water heater;
  • 6. Check the waterways of your home regularly to prevent loose waterways from leaking and causing damage to your property.
Electric Water Heater

Safe installation environment reminder

1. Installation environment requirements

  • 1) Electric water heaters should not be installed on top of fire-prone appliances such as gas cookers, microwave ovens and washing machines with plastic shells.
  • 2) Installation of an electric water heater requires a floor drain with sufficient displacement to avoid damage to your property.
  • 3) Do not install the electric water heater in the cabinet or in the direct sunlight.
  • 4) In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, the electric water heater must be installed in the wall or PPR pipe.

2 .Distribution requirements

  • 1) According to the national regulations, the electric water heater must use an independent socket in line with the national standard, and the power socket must be reliably grounded.Please do not use the portable socket.
  • 2) Do not use power sockets with switches and do not use two-phase jacks.
  • 3) The socket should be located above the right Angle of the electric water heater where the bath water can not be splashed, and use a splash proof socket.

Notes for daily safe use and cleaning maintenance

  • 1. please first turn off the power when cleaning the electric water heater, and choose neutral cleaning agent, do not use acid or alkaline cleaning agent to wipe the surface of the electric water heater;
  • 2. in the case of high water pressure, the relief valve may drop water, which is a normal phenomenon, do not clog the relief port, can be used to guide the pipe to the safety sewer;
  • 3. if you find abnormal water heater should call our after-sales phone, do not disassemble the machine to view or repair;
  • 4. If your home is in the cold and easy to freeze area in winter, it should be emptied of the water heater and unplug the power plug when not used for a long time.
  • 5. It is recommended that you check and press the "test" button of the leakage protection plug every week to confirm that the leakage protection plug can work normally;
  • 6. For your health and the life of the liner, we recommend replacing the magnesium bar every 6 months.
Kitchen Ventilator

Safe installation environment reminder

1. Installation environment requirements

  • 1) Do not install the range hood in places where flammable and explosive articles are stored or where there are strongly corrosive gases.
  • 2) Too many doors and Windows and too much air convection should be avoided around the installation of the range hood, otherwise it will affect the smoking effect of the range hood.
  • 3) The wall of the range hood installation must be able to bear the weight of the range hood.
  • 4) Range hood should be installed in the gas cooker center point is above the position, the distance between European range hood and gas cooker should be in 650mm-750mm range, side suction type should be 300mm-450mm.

2. Requirements for pipe installation

  • 1) The smoke pipe is connected to the public flue. Please do not insert the smoke pipe too deep into the public flue.
  • 2) the smoke pipe is connected to the outdoor, the smoke exhaust pipe extends out of the wall 30㎜, the air outlet should be slightly downward to avoid rain pouring into the inside of the smoke machine.

Notes for daily safe use and cleaning maintenance

  • 1. The range hood may have very sharp corners. Please wear protective gloves when cleaning the range hood.
  • 2. The range hood should avoid installation in the Windows and doors too much place, resulting in too much air convection, and affect the effect of oil removal smoke;
  • 3. Oil and dirt in the inner cavity and body surface of the range hood will affect the use effect and health of the range hood. It is recommended that you ask professional after-sales staff to clean the range hood deeply every 6-12 months.
  • 4. When wiping the lampblack machine, please choose neutral cleaning agent, so as not to damage the appearance of the lampblack machine;
  • 5. European range hood bottom distance from the kitchen table installation height 650mm to 750mm, side suction type is 300mm to 450mm;

Safe installation environment reminder

1. Installation environment requirements

  • 1) Do not install the cooker in the place where inflammable and explosive goods are stored or where there is strong corrosive gas.
  • 2) For your safety, please keep the indoor air smooth when using the cooker, do not use it in an enclosed environment, so as to avoid insufficient combustion and carbon monoxide, which may endanger your health.
  • 3) The cabinet to install the gas cooker must be provided with vents with an area of no less than 100cm² on the side or the bottom to ensure the free flow of air into the bottom of the gas cooker.

2. Use requirements

  • 1) Different gas source, the use of gas stove is also different.If the air source has changed, be sure to ask professionals to do the corresponding transformation of the kitchen before it can be used.
  • 2) The intake pipe is easy to be aged and broken. The interface and bend of the pipe should be checked frequently. If there is any damage, please replace it immediately.The best choice of oil - resistant and pressure - resistant gas special metal hose.
  • 3) People should not be far away when using gas stoves.In case of leakage or accidental reasons (wind blowing, water overflow, etc.) when the flame is extinguished, you should immediately close the main switch of the air source, open the doors and Windows, quickly ventilation, please remember not to ignite or switch electrical appliances, in case of spark caused deflagration.
  • 4) Users who use artificial gas should clean the hole on the fire cover regularly to avoid blockage.

Notes for daily safe use and cleaning maintenance

  • 1. The oil stains produced by the gas cooker after using for a period of time are easy to cause the gas cooker blockage. Please clean the gas cooker regularly.
  • 2. It is recommended that you find a professional to check the air tightness of cooker and gas supply system every 6-12 months;
  • 3. In the use of the stove, if you find flameout, close the switch immediately, open the doors and Windows for ventilation, and find out the cause of flameout when there is no gas smell, and re-ignite after proper treatment;
  • 4. If the hose is connected between the gas cooker and the pipe, please check whether the hose is damaged or aging. If it is aging, please replace it immediately.
  • 5. People should not be far away when using the gas cooker.In case of leakage or accidental reasons (wind, water overflow, etc.) when the flame is extinguished, the main switch of the air source should be turned off immediately, the doors and Windows should be opened, and the air should be ventilated quickly. Please remember not to ignite or switch electrical appliances to prevent deflagration caused by electric sparks.
Disinfection Cabinet

Safety installation environment reminder

  • 1) The disinfection cabinet should be installed smoothly in a place that is convenient and firm for operation and maintenance, and should not be tilted;
  • 2) It is strictly prohibited to install disinfection cabinets and power sockets in places that may be damp or easily wet by water;
  • 3) When handling and placing, it should be lifted from the handle hole or the bottom, moved gently, and must not move the disinfection cabinet by directly pulling the door or handle;
  • 4) The maximum socket location and disinfection cabinet should not exceed 1.5 meters;
  • 5) With the phase detector to check your home fire line, zero line, ground is normal, fire, zero line is connected to the opposite, ground is reliable grounding.
  • 6) The disinfection cabinet must be installed with a space of more than 800mm in front of the disinfection cabinet. The disinfection cabinet is embedded in the cabinet, and the bottom plate of the cabinet hole must be strong enough to bear the weight of more than 60Kg

Notes for daily safe use and cleaning maintenance

Household disinfection cabinets can be maintained as follows:

  • First, the disinfection cabinet should be "dry".Must wipe eat dish clean drain water, put disinfection ark disinfection again, because ozone meets water to be able to abate its strong oxidation, affect disinfection effect, also reduce the service life of disinfection ark.
  • Second, always energized.Idle, to a week to power 1-2 times, disinfection cabinet sealing performance is good, infrared tube does not heat for a long time, disinfection cabinet inside the damp, can not circulate with the outside air, easy to grow bacteria, so often to power, both can be disinfected and prolong the service life.
  • Third, the location should be reasonable, avoid tilted placement, not less than 30cm from the wall, keep dry and ventilated.Do not open the door if it is not necessary for use, so as not to affect the disinfection effect. Open the door again 10 minutes after the end of disinfection.
  • Fourth, disinfection cabinet is not all-powerful, not all tableware appropriate disinfection, some colored glaze tableware, pigments contain heavy metals, high temperature will release harmful substances, these tableware after high temperature disinfection and then food, is not conducive to health.Secondly, disinfection tableware should be classified in high temperature (glass, porcelain, stainless steel) and low temperature disinfection (bamboo, wood, paint, plastic), so as not to make the disinfectant deformation.Long-term mixed use, affecting the disinfection effect.
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